No Money for the Porch this Year

With every season change i would usually buy a 1 or 2 dollar decoration from the dollar general down the street and hang it on the front door of the tiny house. With everything that was going on in healthcare and the economy as a whole, i wasn’t getting my full hours anymore. That meant […]

Autumn Photoshoot

As we slid into autumn the stores began to reflect the change in season. The pumpkins and autumn-leaf wreaths began to appear. Our budget didn’t allow for such lavish decoration as the mr. and mrs. scarecrow in the burlap pants and matching apron with the cutest plaid dress and a silk sunflower in her straw […]

Personalizing the Porch

When i first moved over from my apartment i had a number of things i meant to hang on the porch that had been hanging above the patio at the apartment. I never got around to it because it would have involved a ladder, time, and patience, and it just took me that long to […]