“You’re not right for the job.”

It’s 3:30 in the morning. I took my evening supplements. I brushed my teeth. I put in my night retainer. Then i sat in a chair until morning came and it was time to pull the retainer out and take supplements again. I was thinking about my job interview. It wasn’t so much that i […]

Summer Cleaning

When i turned in my letter of resignation i realized i was no longer going to be exposed to covid-19 on the daily. So, i needed to convert my “treatment center” back into a house. I had been through 3 separate bouts of symptoms and after the first time i had moved a great many […]


The solitude fed my soul. The sound of the wind, the changing light, the chittering of sneaky coons, the hum and buzz of the cicadas, the soft footsteps of rabbits and squirrels in the fallen leaves, the clicking and snapping flight of the ever present grasshopper, the whistling song of birds, the rustle of leaves, […]

The Last of the Spring Garden’s Offerings

I had come to understand that due to the shade and the termites eating things from beneath the dirt, all of my veggies were to be miniature in the mosquito net tent. Meanwhile, the jack rabbits, grasshoppers, and deer were constantly trying to eat their way through or dig under…our homestead was not a good […]

The Birthday Present

My mother informed me one day that she and my grandmother had gotten together and sent me an early birthday present in the mail. She said it would be arriving via 6 boxes. I thought, “what on earth did they buy that spanned six boxes?” My mother wouldn’t tell me. She kept saying, “oh, just […]