Budgeting for Uncertain Times

I used to be a very loyal customer of a beautiful little health foods grocery store run by a really sweet family with a lot of heart. They were incredibly excited about all the new things they were ordering. They would try things out on the shelves for a while and then carry something else. […]

Chive Blossoms

The chives plant that my sweet friend had given me bloomed and the honey bees that belonged to my neighbor immediately took notice. I wanted to cut the blossoms with scissors so that it would put out more long blades that i could use in cashew cheese sauces and sauteed mushrooms. However, i committed myself […]

Unexpected Luxury

When you decide to homestead, you have to give up or let go of a lot of 21st century luxuries most have become accustomed to. For example; dish washers, dryers, hot water, central air, toilets without a composting feature or a septic odor, and high speed internet. There is however, one unexpected luxury to be […]

Fixing the Thermometer

One day i came home to find the outdoor thermometer tube lying on the porch. I glued it back up of course but it never worked again. Something had broken internally and the mercury was no longer contained in the chanber it was meant to be. So i got online and began searching for a […]

Unscheduled Naps

Occasionally i get so beyond exhausted with the multiple jobs, homesteading, online classes, and blogging…i usually average around 4 hours of sleep a day. There will come a point where no matter what i’m doing or how much caffeine i’ve had, my brain just shuts off. I keep trying to make sense of where i […]

Charlotte’s Supper

My mother has remarked several times that there’s so much interesting stuff to watch on the homestead, i don’t even need tv. She’s right. While Charlotte was living outside our kitchen window we had a 24/7 nature channel on spider behavior. It was like watching a really good documentary on orb weavers. One of my […]


One morning i walked out into the yard and saw something colorful against the pale green wall of the house. It was a spider; a golden orb weaver to be exact. Anytime i encountered something new i researched it. It was how i learned about the world and decided where i stood on matters. So […]