The Sumac Harvest

The sumac berries ripened in mid August of 2019. This year they waited until September 7th to turn shiny and bright red. Unfortunately i didn’t notice them until minutes before sundown so they would have to be harvested on September 8th, when i had light to see the berry clusters i would be cutting. Knowing […]

Deworming the Flock

i had read somewhere that organic squash or pumpkin seeds could be used to deworm chickens and that farmers regularly chucked whole split squash or pumpkins into the pen for their flock to eat in order to keep the worms at bay. I had a couple chickens that demonstrated trouble keeping on weight and i […]

The Strange and Brutally Short Life Cycle of Spiders

I first spotted Crystal while mowing the grass on the west side of the house. She had made a web up against the side of the house and attached it to a tall weed in the grass. I spoke to her and told her she was welcome and warned her of the danger of praying […]

When Everything’s Gone to ****

Listen, it’s 2020. Everything’s gone to shit. Just take my word on it. I could explain it but we’d be here all day. I could dwell on it, obsess over it, struggle to wrap my mind around it, but that wouldn’t really do anything to make me feel better about where we currently stand. Instead, […]

Stupidity, Bad Luck, and the Power of Prayer

There was no initial sound that happened as my foot missed the side of that porch step; no audible snap, pop, or crack. It was anyone’s guess what i’d done but i knew it wasn’t good. I had a plate of beans and rice in my hand and before i knew it, it was on […]

“You’re not right for the job.”

It’s 3:30 in the morning. I took my evening supplements. I brushed my teeth. I put in my night retainer. Then i sat in a chair until morning came and it was time to pull the retainer out and take supplements again. I was thinking about my job interview. It wasn’t so much that i […]

The Chickens Surprised Me!

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time ever, in the scorching texas heat during the middle of summer, all 5 chickens laid an egg. I entered the coop hoping for 3, rooting for the possibility of 4, and was surprised to find; 5 eggs. From left to right we have Lily’s, Petunia’s, Daisy’s, Buttercup’s, and […]