Regaining Control of the Property

when i was sick i was struggling just to get the necessities done. I wasn’t maintaining the property in my usual way. Things were becoming overgrown. Nobody was tracking the movement of the termites. Mimosa trees and yuca were popping up everywhere. The grass was getting long and the weeds ran unchecked amongst it. Once […]

The First Lawn Mowing of the Year

The lawn needed mowed. I dragged the reel mower out of the shed and began my attempt. I didn’t make it across the whole property but i did manage to get the areas around the house and the sheds. Realizing that a few weeks ago i couldn’t walk from the door to the front gate […]

The Weed Eater

On one of my trips back from austin i stopped at a hardware store to pick up something i’d been meaning to get. The grass right against the shed and the house had become long and unruly. Also, there was the grass in the area that i’d let go uncut so the thistles would not […]