I was waiting for a break in the rain to mow the lawn, but the rain kept coming and the grass got taller with each passing day. with a 5-blade reel mower i couldn’t afford to let it get any taller. So i put on a t-shirt and some pants i didn’t care about and fetched the mower. I mowed the grass in the rain. It was a muddy and unpleasant affair. The wet grass gunked up the blades and had to be removed by hand often. The wheels dug tracks in the mud. The mower was extra hard to push. But, the grass got mowed. There was one area that i left unmowed. It was the span of about a foot. There was an orb weaver web stretching from the side of the house to the ground and to my sheer delight, there was a female golden orb weaver in it. She scurried up the side of the house and i clapped my hands with joy. I named her Crystal. She is the first female orb weaver i have seen this year. She is always in her web and i go out to chat with her and watch her weave at least once a day. What a magnificent find! I was beginning to miss my orb weaver buddies.

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