Quarantine Kitchen

My recipes became simple and quick as i only had the ingredients that arrived in my weekly imperfect foods box to work with. Garlic bread was made from chickpea/fava bean flour, tapioca flour, water, vegan butter, and garlic. Pizza pasta was a can of tomatoes, some almond “cheese” and gluten-free pasta. I tried to make apple cobbler but didn’t have all the ingredients. I ended up using apple sauce and honey to glue some oats together so it could crisp in the oven. I did what i could with what i had and i ate pretty well considering. I dreamt of a time when people wouldn’t think twice about cooking or baking with nut milk instead of water. I hoped there would be a day when this time was part of history and not our present…a distant memory…something to tell the next generation about in stories.

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