A Return to P90X

Not working for a couple weeks, i was beginning to lose my muscle mass. In an attempt to stay fit and maintain the strength i’d built lifting people and walking 5 miles a day for the past few years i began lifting 3 gallon water jugs and attempting to do lunges around the yard while carrying them. Then i broke out the old exercise mat and returned to my trusty p90x ab-workout. Most people ease into workouts they haven’t done in a while…start out slow and build onto it each day. But, i know no such thing as middle ground. I’m pretty “all or nothing”. So naturally, i did 25 of every exercise and 50 of the last one…rendering it difficult to walk upright for the next 4 days. I wouldn’t recommend this style of exercising…if you can, perceive the concept of middle ground. It’s a good skill to have, i’m told.

I had to improvise a method to keep the mat from rolling up with me in it. This is how one does exercise in a 384 square ft space…

…with 2 dogs.

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