The Clinic

Without my health care salary i could no longer afford our vet. We were settling into our lives in our new tax bracket. I had to switch the brands of supplements i had taken for a year to cheaper ones. We bought dry supplies from the clearance table in town. I found bar soap for […]

Mondays, Magical Mondays

I had saved two eggs that got cracked in the coop when the chickens were pulling all the hay out of their nesting boxes to lay eggs on the bare wood. The longer the chickens were on adult feed the thicker the shells seemed to get, but a couple of these early eggs had cracked […]

Why I Need a Storm Cellar and Don’t Have One.

There was a big summer storm brewing. It was a bit early in the year for such a thing but i had been through plenty of them last august and i figured it would be more of the same. Whirlwind storms developed out of thin air on the radar and built and built until they […]

The 12-Hour Storm

Summer storms in Texas tended to be quick and violent. They came on fast and they arrived with a strength and fury that was to be respected and not ignored. However, this storm fought dirty. It was a series of storms that converged on the radar and just when we had survived one bought of […]

Because Why Not?

This was the line of storms that delivered the lightening strike that knocked out the power, blew up the electric fence control panel, and required an electrician to restore power to the back of the house a week later. I was sitting in the tiny house riding out the storm when there was a blinding […]


The day after mowing and trimming the entire property i noticed my entire belly button was red and swollen. The area around it was crusted with an orange tinted dried liquid. It looked like someone had rubbed me down with iodine in preparation for a medical procedure. I thought, “well that’s a weird reaction to […]