Stupidity, Bad Luck, and the Power of Prayer

There was no initial sound that happened as my foot missed the side of that porch step; no audible snap, pop, or crack. It was anyone’s guess what i’d done but i knew it wasn’t good. I had a plate of beans and rice in my hand and before i knew it, it was on […]

The Clinic

Without my health care salary i could no longer afford our vet. We were settling into our lives in our new tax bracket. I had to switch the brands of supplements i had taken for a year to cheaper ones. We bought dry supplies from the clearance table in town. I found bar soap for […]

A Gift from a Friend

This post is difficult for me to write because it touches on the story of a beautiful soul and a very elegant friend of mine who is full of grace and compassion towards her fellow human. However, her story is not a straight path through gentle rolling fields. Her life has seen both joy and […]