“but the world is burning…”

He who says to me, “i think it is selfish to bring children into a world that is so hopeless and broken”, i say to you that you have been sleeping throughout all of history.

There was a time where stoning people to death was considered entertainment and skinning a person alive was considered an acceptable punishment for criminal accusation. There was a time when war time conquests left entire cities of people annexed into their conquering country as slaves or indentured servants. Victorious soldiers pillaged villages, took whatever they pleased, and set fire to peoples dwellings, sometimes with the inhabitants locked inside them.

The boarding schools that removed native children from their families and cultures in an effort to westernize them that ended up being a place of abuse and death for many.

The massacre of kalavryta.

The Holocaust.

Medical experimentation on prisoners during world war 2

Every war that has ever been waged.

Every wartime crime that has ever been justified.

Biological and chemical weapons

The atom bomb

Child marriages

Human trafficking

The witch trials were a time when anyone could be burned alive if their neighbor pointed a finger and made an accusation of sorcery.

Every human right revoked in the name of rooting out communism


Butterbox babies


I am not interested in your opinion of the state of the world when it comes to childrearing. The question is, “Do you plan on being a part of the problem or the solution?” I promise you, the world was broken long before you arrived and it will be broken after you’ve gone. The world needs people who will shine like a light in darkness and show God’s grace to those who would otherwise never know it. So will you be rearing children as a beacon to others, a vessel for God’s compassion, and a lighthouse in the storm for ships tossed about a treacherous sea? If so, i say to you, don’t concern yourself with the state of this world. It is broken. It has always been broken. It will always be. Turn your gaze towards the next one and fix your eyes on something unwavering. Rear them up with all you know of Christ’s heart and let God do his will.

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