An Ice Party in the Yard

In mid december every year the local farmers would close up shop and they wouldn’t return to the little white shack where they sold their goods until mid May of the following year. Crops just didn’t grow in the winter and the new crops for spring wouldn’t be mature until May. So, in early december […]

After the Storm

The morning after the storm we emerged from the house to see ice everywhere. I was glad it was my day off. I did not want to have to drive anywhere that day. As i walked around the property i realized that it wasn’t only the man-made structures that had accumulated ice. The rocks, the […]

A Late Start

The freezing temperatures usually came with night fall, thwarted by the sun in the daylight hours. However, one day i listened intently to the radio as the weatherman predicted a low of 24. As i scrolled through the weather app on my phone i realized that it would not be above freezing again until 10 […]

Settling into a Winter Routine

As the temperatures became colder i settled into the comfortable grooves of a winter routine. In the mornings i would put the space heater in the bathroom and warm it up before taking a shower. When it was below 40 degrees there was at most 2 minutes of hot and 4 minutes of luke-warm shower […]

A Hard Freeze is Coming

I listened to the radio for my weather report. It was more accurate than all the cell phone apps. Any time i heard the words “hard freeze” i set to work preparing the property. I turned on the light in the well house and placed a blanket against the bottom of the door. I retrieved […]

Skirting the House

I guess most people who are trying to homestead don’t have a day job that has nothing to do with homesteading. A lot of my projects happen in a very gradual manner because i only have time to work on them in the evenings or on the weekends when i’m not scheduled to work. I […]