Think Like a Bee

The problem with growing vegetable plants in a tent was that i lost the perk of having the bees do the job of pollination for me. Bees would always be better at pollination than humans for one reason. They visited more plants than i did. They had pollen on their legs from squash plants across […]

The Mosquito Net Tent

I had to figure out what i was going to do with the sprouts in the shed. As spring progressed the grasshoppers grew, both in size and smarts. They were no longer hesitant enough for me to catch without the aid of my traps. The sprouts were wilting and dying in the darkness of the […]

The Plant Boxes

I didn’t have the money to buy proper plant boxes with all the dough i was spending on obtaining my own ppe, food, medicine, feed for the animals, and tylenol. Everything was more expensive than it should have been. Produce was marked up so much a potato was a dollar. You could spend 50 bucks […]

When Being a Responsible Adult Sounds Good on Paper…

It started with a trip to the hardware store in town. I bought a succulent and named him Tobyn. Well, after a while i thought Tobyn looked a little lonely, so i made a decision to go back to the hardware store and get Tobyn a couple friends…more tiny succulents in decorative stoneware cups. I […]

The Bougainvillea

By the time i made it to the nursery to look for hanging plants it was July. There were not many things left that were considered in season. Spring was the time to buy hanging plants. The only thing left was white bougainvillea or red bougainvillea. There was plenty of white. Nobody wanted white; they […]

Guardians of the Plants

Every plant nursery i have ever been to has had a cat and i’ll tell you why. The plant nurseries sell bird seed in big giant bags. They also water the plants regularly. Even the plants themselves bear fruits and veggies little things wouldn’t mind to eat. This means there is a steady supply of […]

A Self-sufficient House Plant

My coworker came up to me one day and said, “i got you a housewarming gift.” She disappeared and returned with a little brown box. She said, “i know you like to garden and you don’t have a garden yet at the new house because of the deer, but this plant is self-sufficient. You don’t […]