A Roofer, a Plumber, and an Electrician

Well, i had learned to be a roofer when the roof began to leak. I had learned to be a plumber when the sink began to leak. When the replacement electric fence control panel arrived in the mail I figured, why couldn’t i also learn to be an electrician? First i flipped the switch to […]

A Busted Gas Pump and a Flood under the Sink

One morning i was getting ready for work. I was on my way out the door. I opened the cabinets under the sink to throw something away in the trash bag when a smell hit me. It was that stale mildewy stench that signified the presence of sitting water. I yanked everything out from under […]

Making Raisins

I’d like to be able to say i did this on purpose. I’d like to be able to claim that i set out to make raisins, researched the process, put a lot of hard work and time into it, and that it was some sun-kissed romantic process. That’s not what happened. What happened was that […]