Making Raisins

I’d like to be able to say i did this on purpose. I’d like to be able to claim that i set out to make raisins, researched the process, put a lot of hard work and time into it, and that it was some sun-kissed romantic process. That’s not what happened. What happened was that i was working 1 job, 2 side jobs, taking online courses, running a homestead, and writing a blog. I bought a lot of grapes. I thought, if the worst possibility should occur, i could just put a whole bag of grapes in the car and drive it to work as breakfast lunch and dinner. I did manage to scratch a few things together and did not have to resort to the bag of grapes idea, so i had a lot of grapes in the refrigerator. One day i opened the door and i did not have a lot of grapes in the refrigerator. I had a lot of raisins.

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