A Book Called “Half Broke Horses”

I was reading a book about a woman homesteader called “Half-Broke Horses”. It was opening my eyes to something. The woman had wanted to be a school teacher more than anything. Her father had spent money on her brother’s education while keeping her home to help him run the ranch. Then, when it was time […]

Building the Chicken Coop

I wouldn’t say my 2020 posts are out of order. I would say rather that my posts at times encompass events that took place before and after the post that follows. I began planting the new additions to the homestead before i was sick and by the time the last tree was in the ground, […]

Clearing Cedars

One of the neat things about Cedar trees is their uncanny ability to reproduce like jack rabbits. There will be one big old cedar tree and 40 little ones gathered around it; where the pollen fell last year. I went through the whole 2 acres with the blue tool pictured above and cut down the […]

The First of our Fruit Trees

When i was a child my mother came home one day with a stick in a pot. Everyone thought she was crazy because she’d paid money for a leafless stick. Well she planted that leafless stick in the ground next to our house. She watered it faithfully. During the winter she placed the plastic kids […]

Love at First Sight

I was terrified that Sili would reject Cashew. She’s super picky about other dogs. She doesn’t usually like them. After Cashew was given the all clear by the veterinarian i decided it was time for Sili and Cashew to meet. I set them both down in the same room and quietly melted into the walls. […]

Cashew’s First Bath

When i first brought her home Cashew was too little to be able to effectively regulate her body temperature. She was too young to bathe so i just dealt with the fleas. I tried not to think about them but if i parted her fur with my fingers there were hundreds of them crawling all […]

The Early Days

During the early days i was so tired i couldn’t think. I was sleeping an average of two hours at a time. The puppy cried if it was hungry, cried if it was sleepy, cried if it wanted attention, cried if it was about to or had just gone potty. It cried for every reason […]