No Money for the Porch this Year

With every season change i would usually buy a 1 or 2 dollar decoration from the dollar general down the street and hang it on the front door of the tiny house. With everything that was going on in healthcare and the economy as a whole, i wasn’t getting my full hours anymore. That meant i wasn’t bringing in as much money as i used to. On top of this, all the supplies i needed were marked up, including food. Even just a dollar, it didn’t make sense to spend it on something frivolous like a decoration. However, the porch looked very bare. Last year i had hung these beautiful red bougainvillea from hooks on the ceiling of the front porch. They had looked stunning against the sage green paint of my little tiny home. This year there were no flowering plants in hanging baskets. It just didn’t make sense to spend money on something that wasn’t going to eventually produce food. Though i had taken this position on the matter it didn’t stop me from realizing how uneventful the porch looked. I wanted to do something to acknowledge the arrival of spring. I picked some wildflowers and bound them together with a twist tie. I then placed the little bunch onto the hook on the front door. I didn’t have to worry about switching things for the next season either because when the flowers dried in the hot sun it signified the arrival of summer.

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