Tree Frogs

I’ve always had toads on the property but this year they exist in such an abundance that it is overwhelming. They are everywhere and i much enjoy their company. Its great fun to watch them use the porch stairs every morning at dawn and in the evening at dusk. However, this year there is a new development beyond the sheer abundance of toads in the grass. Tree frogs. They are so quick i can barely get the camera out before they’ve darted away. This little guy i followed with my flash on the camera and finally caught evidence of these tiny slimy frogs hanging out on my property. This one is a speckled brown one but they exist in solid green, solid brown, and a patterned green as well. They are way more skittish than their bold and boisterous cousin, the toad. They are very difficult to catch. However, i did get an opportunity to pet a green one and it was surprisingly smooth and soft.

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