Cashew Learns to Pull up Tree Stumps

I was standing in the yard one day, disgruntled about some form of unfairness in life, and i decided to channel my frustration into pulling up some of the young tree stumps. The medium ones required a lot of back-breaking work, hacking the thing to pieces with the axe and wedging the shovel underneath roots […]

Millions of Built-in Drinking Bowls

My dogs were very smart. One would think that was a good thing but it was not always so. There were multitudes of pot holes all over my once beautifully flat property. All because the dogs were digging drinking bowls. When it rained the holes would fill up with rain water and they would drink […]

She’s a Digger

Sili is and always has been a digger. She leaves craters all over the yard (especially smack dab in the middle of my dirt driveway), under the fence (in case critters needed an invitation), and sometimes i will look out the window to find her flinging my mulch pile in every direction. She’s not only […]