She’s a Digger

Sili is and always has been a digger. She leaves craters all over the yard (especially smack dab in the middle of my dirt driveway), under the fence (in case critters needed an invitation), and sometimes i will look out the window to find her flinging my mulch pile in every direction. She’s not only a digger; she’s an enthusiastic digger. She enjoys it. Tail wagging, ears flapping up and down with her efforts, she is the picture of joy when digging a hole in the yard. For the life of me, i cannot get this dog to stop digging up the septic tank. -_- the tank was installed before i bought the property. Im not exactly sure how the thing works. So, to err on the side of caution i figured it was best just to leave the whole thing undisturbed. I knew where my drainage field was. I knew that couldn’t be disturbed or built upon. I knew i had a mound of chalky dirt over there where the tank was. I didn’t know its exact function but if the sellers had put it there i was sure we needed it. It was part of the septic system. Sili didn’t see it that way. Sili saw a large mound of displaced earth with her name on it and as a bonus, it smelled good. She would dig in the pile sending dirt flying through the air. Then she would lay down and roll in it. I would open the kitchen window and yell through the screen, “hey! Stop digging up my septic tank! Yeah, you! I see you! I have eyes everywhere dude. Be very afraid!” Sili would look around trying to see where my voice was coming from. She was sure she was being sneaky. She’d quit digging for a minute and then when she thought i’d surely gone she’d start up again, at which point i’d yell, “get out of my *** ****** septic system!” She’d stand at attention and raise her ears trying to figure out how i could see her. Im sure the neighbors LOVED us. Since we moved in all they’d heard was yelling about going poop faster and getting out of a septic tank. They probably thought we were deranged, or at the very least, eccentric.

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