A Built-in Dish Drying Rack

The most common question i get asked about the tiny house is “is there a dish washer?” The answer is no. This seems to be a deal breaker for most people. I thought it would be the tendency for scorpions to come out of the outlets and sink drains or the lack of hot water, or the sulfur smell produced by both the well and the decaying matter in the septic tank. But it seems people are willing to entertain those ideas…just not the idea of washing dishes. I don’t have a lot of counter space. Buying a dish drying rack was never in the plan. I didn’t see what would be the point. I had a dish drying rack built right into the porch railing for free. The railing was topped with a wide and flat board of wood, making a counter-like surface perfect for supporting plates, bowls, and cups. So each time i washed dishes i would plug the sink, boil the water, soak the dishes, soap and rinse them, and dry them on the porch fence railing. When they were dry i would carry them over and put them back on the shelf in the shed. A couple people offered to buy me a dish drying rack after hearing what i had resorted to but i turned them down. I preferred my dishes sun-dried on the porch.

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