Millions of Built-in Drinking Bowls

My dogs were very smart. One would think that was a good thing but it was not always so. There were multitudes of pot holes all over my once beautifully flat property. All because the dogs were digging drinking bowls. When it rained the holes would fill up with rain water and they would drink out of them. They must have been expecting a party because they dug a lot of them. Every time my ankle gave way and my foot rolled into an indentation in the earth i yelled, “would you stop digging these *** ****** holes?! Yall are trying to kill me! And if i’m dead, who’s buying the dog food eh?!” Then it would rain and they’d run from one hole to the next lapping up cloudy water. Their favorite place to dig these drinking holes was undoubtedly in the middle of the driveway. Why, i didnt know.

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