A Trail of Dead Trees

I was tired; oh so tired. Sleep for ten minutes sitting on the floor against the wall in the break room tired. The problem was not that my internal compass was broken. The problem was power, or lack of it. The problem was the absence of any influence or relevance to the final vision in […]

Unscheduled Naps

Occasionally i get so beyond exhausted with the multiple jobs, homesteading, online classes, and blogging…i usually average around 4 hours of sleep a day. There will come a point where no matter what i’m doing or how much caffeine i’ve had, my brain just shuts off. I keep trying to make sense of where i […]

The Early Days

During the early days i was so tired i couldn’t think. I was sleeping an average of two hours at a time. The puppy cried if it was hungry, cried if it was sleepy, cried if it wanted attention, cried if it was about to or had just gone potty. It cried for every reason […]