Daily Chores with a Puppy

Anyone who has spent time around Cashew has heard me say “i’m trying to keep you alive dog” at least a few times before the end of their visit. There is no veterinarian out here. If your dog swallows something poisonous, you go pour a capful of hydrogen peroxide and ready the coconut water to […]

Clearing Cedars

One of the neat things about Cedar trees is their uncanny ability to reproduce like jack rabbits. There will be one big old cedar tree and 40 little ones gathered around it; where the pollen fell last year. I went through the whole 2 acres with the blue tool pictured above and cut down the […]

I Could Only Hold her and Listen to her Cry

I had never experienced such a reaction to vaccinations with Sili. She was a couch potato to begin with. If she napped more than usual on the day of her shots i didn’t notice, but it was never like this. We went back for puppy shots 5 times before she made it through the series […]

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Too.

Cashew was separated from her mom when she was 6 or 7 weeks old, so she didn’t really get a chance to learn from her mom how to be a dog. Instead, she started mimicking Sili. If Sili peed, Cashew peed. If Sili ate grass, Cashew ate grass too. If Sili scratched her ear, Cashew […]