Unscheduled Naps

Occasionally i get so beyond exhausted with the multiple jobs, homesteading, online classes, and blogging…i usually average around 4 hours of sleep a day. There will come a point where no matter what i’m doing or how much caffeine i’ve had, my brain just shuts off. I keep trying to make sense of where i am, what i’ve been doing, what day it is, what i was reading…and the answer is always just “i don’t know”. I can see that my brain is not going to help me anymore and im useless to the world in this state so i’ll peel my eyes open one last time to whip my phone out and set an alarm. I’ll tell myself, “i’m just going to rest my eyes for 15 minutes…a little cat nap and then i’m up. I’ll just take a little hiatus and then get back in the game.” Of course, i’ll reset the alarm clock when it goes off in 15 minutes and before you know it i’ve taken a 2 hour nap in the middle of the afternoon during prime daylight chore-time hours. This usually equals me starting chores as the sun sets and finishing them after sundown. It can’t be helped. I am basically asleep when i’m resetting these alarms. It’s just a terrible feeling to wake up and see the late evening sun as you throw on your boots to START things. Oh well.

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