The Neighbor’s New Cows

When i moved onto my property the neighbors had a little herd of hereford cattle. They had a couple calves and were pretty friendly. I enjoyed watching them emerge from the trees around feeding time. I called them forest cattle because the neighbors hand’t cleared the land so that’s where they lived, amongst the trees. […]

The Dog Disaster/ Chicken Run

I don’t know what idiotic idea i got lodged in my head the day i decided to pay thousands of dollars for a crew to build a 65 by 65 ft chain link dog run. Perhaps i thought if i made it big enough and nice enough she wouldn’t want out and therefore wouldn’t dig […]

Fixing the Fence

So, this is how people were getting onto my property. The couple i found peering in the windows to see if they wanted to buy the place (already sold) flat out told me they just climbed through the 6 foot hole in the wire fencing. When they said that i decided i really needed to […]