The Dog Disaster/ Chicken Run

I don’t know what idiotic idea i got lodged in my head the day i decided to pay thousands of dollars for a crew to build a 65 by 65 ft chain link dog run. Perhaps i thought if i made it big enough and nice enough she wouldn’t want out and therefore wouldn’t dig under it. Whatever i was thinking, i was wrong. I tried for a long time to salvage the dog run idea. I laid poles horizontally in front of the fence so that she had to move them to dig. I yelled at her. I took privileges away. I tried to come home earlier in the day. I even tried a companion in the dog run with her to keep her company. She just taught the other dog to dig as well. There was nothing left to do but admit defeat. I had this giant expensively fenced area with a gate. I tried to think what other animals would stay within a chain link fence. Then it hit me. I wanted chickens some day. I would repurpose the dog run as a yard for the chickens. They would have enough room to roam and look for bugs. They would take care of my need to mow the grass in there, and we could round them up pretty easily to go into the coop at night to be safe from fox and coyote. So i repurposed my dog run and dubbed it a chicken yard. One day…one day i’m going to put a huge chicken coop in there and raise buff orpingtons. They’re supposed to be a really friendly chicken for beginners. I had to do something with the fenced off area. That was a huge hunk of cash to put into something my dog rendered useless in 24 hours. One day when my financial situation permitted i would buy a chicken coop and some orpingtons and the dog run would not be “all for nothing” anymore.

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