Because Why Not?

This was the line of storms that delivered the lightening strike that knocked out the power, blew up the electric fence control panel, and required an electrician to restore power to the back of the house a week later. I was sitting in the tiny house riding out the storm when there was a blinding […]

Adopt a Nursing Home

In the past month i had watched the majority of my favorite patients die. I had watched colleagues complain of shortness of breath, chest pain, and headache. I had fought my battle with my own 7 weeks of symptoms. I had been run from, glared at, and chased out of stores with people shouting at […]

Think Like a Bee

The problem with growing vegetable plants in a tent was that i lost the perk of having the bees do the job of pollination for me. Bees would always be better at pollination than humans for one reason. They visited more plants than i did. They had pollen on their legs from squash plants across […]

4 Months from Paying the Car Off

We were all set to undergo a mandatory procedure that one of my colleagues described as “more painful than giving birth” with no pain killers. She’d had multiple children, two of them twins, and she said she’d rather do labor over than undergo 30 seconds of that procedure. Those who had it done suffered headaches, […]

Making Yogurt

With instant food in short supply i needed to try to make as much of my food from scratch as possible. I bought a yogurt maker and a bread maker. Unfortunately the entire country had a hankering for bread so the bread machines were on back order until the end of august. However, nobody seemed […]

Fedex Brings us Groceries

As a healthcare worker i was no longer welcome in the grocery stores. If i made a stop at the pet store the cashier called for back-up, opened a completely different lane, and got me out of the store as soon as possible before the other customers could become riled up or united. It reached […]


The day after mowing and trimming the entire property i noticed my entire belly button was red and swollen. The area around it was crusted with an orange tinted dried liquid. It looked like someone had rubbed me down with iodine in preparation for a medical procedure. I thought, “well that’s a weird reaction to […]

Regaining Control of the Property

when i was sick i was struggling just to get the necessities done. I wasn’t maintaining the property in my usual way. Things were becoming overgrown. Nobody was tracking the movement of the termites. Mimosa trees and yuca were popping up everywhere. The grass was getting long and the weeds ran unchecked amongst it. Once […]

The Mosquito Net Tent

I had to figure out what i was going to do with the sprouts in the shed. As spring progressed the grasshoppers grew, both in size and smarts. They were no longer hesitant enough for me to catch without the aid of my traps. The sprouts were wilting and dying in the darkness of the […]