Summer Cleaning

When i turned in my letter of resignation i realized i was no longer going to be exposed to covid-19 on the daily. So, i needed to convert my “treatment center” back into a house. I had been through 3 separate bouts of symptoms and after the first time i had moved a great many […]

Critter Company during Pre-dawn Chores

This toad was hanging out under the water spigot next to the well house when i went out to do the morning chores. As soon as i set the lantern down he hopped right over to it and ate the bugs that were attracted to the light while i collected water. There’s so many of […]

Saying Goodbye

I was having a little trouble coming to terms with the fact that i would no longer be a healthcare practitioner; that helping people regain their independence and functionality was no longer my job. I still had a few days left before the end of my notice. For a few more days there would still […]

Mondays, Magical Mondays

I had saved two eggs that got cracked in the coop when the chickens were pulling all the hay out of their nesting boxes to lay eggs on the bare wood. The longer the chickens were on adult feed the thicker the shells seemed to get, but a couple of these early eggs had cracked […]


The solitude fed my soul. The sound of the wind, the changing light, the chittering of sneaky coons, the hum and buzz of the cicadas, the soft footsteps of rabbits and squirrels in the fallen leaves, the clicking and snapping flight of the ever present grasshopper, the whistling song of birds, the rustle of leaves, […]