The first year i owned my property texas had historic flooding; the rivers literally changed their shape as silt was pushed down-river by fast-moving water and left behind once the flooding receded. Trees with shallow roots were dragged away and in some cases debris tore away at the edges of what used to be the […]

Charlotte’s Supper

My mother has remarked several times that there’s so much interesting stuff to watch on the homestead, i don’t even need tv. She’s right. While Charlotte was living outside our kitchen window we had a 24/7 nature channel on spider behavior. It was like watching a really good documentary on orb weavers. One of my […]

Making Raisins

I’d like to be able to say i did this on purpose. I’d like to be able to claim that i set out to make raisins, researched the process, put a lot of hard work and time into it, and that it was some sun-kissed romantic process. That’s not what happened. What happened was that […]


One morning i walked out into the yard and saw something colorful against the pale green wall of the house. It was a spider; a golden orb weaver to be exact. Anytime i encountered something new i researched it. It was how i learned about the world and decided where i stood on matters. So […]

The Arrival of Summer Meant an Abundance of Local Fruit

Every year in late spring/early summer there was a period of a week or two when little bitty local plums and apricots became available at the market. I’m talking, fall apart in your fingers, dripping sticky juice, melt in your mouth, sugary little morsels. The apricots actually had a smell. Go ahead, smell an apricot […]

Dreams of Chickens and Tomato Plants

Year one was not the time for big projects. Year one was the time for saving. My mortgage payments were pretty reasonable during year 1 but the banks wouldn’t do a fixed rate mortgage on a tiny house so i had to account for the fact that my mortgage payment was subject to a notable […]