Afternoon Storm

I had just finished an online tutoring session. i had been so focused on studying for the upcoming exam and getting these multi-day projects done by the looming deadline that i had neglected to shower and i didn’t smell pretty anymore. With the studying and the projects in a better spot, i decided i could take the time to have a shower. Nature had other plans. The dogs were outside in the fenced dog run. I was a few minutes into the shower when i heard the water pressure become unusually forceful…and then realized it wasn’t the water falling in the shower. It was the water falling on the roof. It had begun pouring outside without a bit of warning. One minute it was partly sunny. The next minute it was pouring outside and the sky was dark gray. To one side of the house you could actually still see bright blue sky all throughout the storm. I thought about leaving the dogs out there and finishing my shower. It had been months since they had a bath and sili was so dirty she had turned the cream colored comforter on the bed to a brown one. They might really benefit from a nature given bath. Then it began to pour harder and i knew i couldnt take the chance that the storm would come packing lightening. I wrapped a towel around myself and ran through the yard in flip flops motioning for the dogs to come to the gate. They were huddled under a cedar tree at the far end of the dog run. I let them out of the run and told them to make for the house. As i did so the rain increased again. They ended up getting mud baths more than anything that would have cleansed them. I also got a mud bath. the dogs kicked up mud that splattered across my legs as they ran past me to the porch. So much for getting clean. The system did end up equipped with lightening and i unplugged the dog fence and internet for the duration of the little storm. I used one of the left over chicken run panels to erect a baby gate between the bathroom and the computer so that Cashew could not stand directly against my legs and on my feet with her muddy self during the lightening and thunder. Both dogs were happy to be indoors and made no protest that they should be returned outside to play.

It would rain off and on all day. Little blips would build from nothing on the radar and arrive with short lived fury. In this way i filled the rain collection tubs. It was a long day of unplugging and replugging everything in the house around the coming and going of storms.

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