Misfits Market


Well, at some point the food delivery service i was using became too expensive for me to afford. They offered no explanation as to why the prices had gone up and when i inquired, they had no comment as to the reason but suggested i check out their low income options, which upon investigation were not what i was looking for. I was also frustrated with the company’s ideas on packing. The food was not snuggly packed or protected and so it was smashing into each other when the box was jostled by fedex and thus arriving pulverized. Items were frequently missing from the order as well. So i quit the service. It was several months before i was notified that a similar service had recently expanded their reach to Texas. Misfits Market was here! Look at this beautiful produce and tell me if you can figure out what’s wrong with it. I can’t. Sometimes its the wrong color, sometimes its the wrong size, but it’s all beautiful and tasty to me. I got 15 dollars off my first order so i did put a ton of items in the basket during the first week. Every week after that i paid attention to what was on sale and just ordered those items but the service gave me an opportunity to have access to a wide variety of different organic foods that were at peak level of ripeness. I was excited for the variety.

Plums, strawberries, purple sweet potatoes, and gluten free bagels with cashew cream cheese (breakfast)
Chickpea/tapioca pasta with hand chopped brussels sprouts
Balsamic garlic marinated roasted yellow squash and portobello mushrooms
Fresh black eyed peas from the grocery with chopped tomatoes and tuscan kale from the delivery service.

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