The Best Footage is the kind Witnessed First-hand.

When i was a child i would sit in front of the television and watch animal planet; a series of different informative shows about animals. you could watch dung beetles roll turd balls across the plains. You could watch puppies and kittens while a narrator spoke about different characteristics of the breed, weening timelines, and training techniques. You could watch wolves stalking deer. There were even reptile shows. As an adult i can see all of those things without the middleman; the television. Being in a wide open wild space feeds my soul, and i’m not alone. All around me there are cardinals, jack rabbits, buzzards, armadillos, hawks, road runners, owls, foxes, deer, toads, lizards, possums, crickets, whippoorwills, agricultural termites, raccoons, coyotes, dung beetles, cicadas, and spiders. It’s the best footage available to watch captured with the best camera at one’s disposal; the eyeball.

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