Love at First Sight

I was terrified that Sili would reject Cashew. She’s super picky about other dogs. She doesn’t usually like them. After Cashew was given the all clear by the veterinarian i decided it was time for Sili and Cashew to meet. I set them both down in the same room and quietly melted into the walls. I waited to see if i would need to break them up or mediate. I was astonished by what i witnessed next. Sili slapped the ground like she wanted to play. Cashew stood up on her hind legs, made herself as big as she possibly could, and “whap” boxed Sili in the ears without any hesitation. The amazing thing was that Sili took no offense to this whatsoever. Sili wagged her tail and slapped the ground again, daring Cashew to chase her…and she did. Cashew was barely tall enough to walk but she barreled around the room, tripping over herself, chasing Sili around the house with glee. She was fearless. It only took a moment for them to fall hopelessly addicted to each other. They were inseparable after that day. If i put Cashew in the crate in the bathroom Sili would sit outside the door and wait for her. If i put Sili out in the yard to potty and kept Cashew in, she would sit at the door and wimper until i let Sili back in. They napped together. They played together. It was the best case scenario.

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