Cashew’s Puppy Pics

Photo 1 is a picture of one of Cashew’s famous 30 minute naps. As soon as she was out i would snap a picture and then lay down wherever i was; usually on the floor. She could wake up at any minute and it was best to sleep while one could. Sili would follow my lead. At this age Cashew was too small to be free range so she had to go out in the yard on a leash. She hadn’t really learned to walk straight yet and she wasn’t very coordinated. She would take 3 or 4 steps and fall on her face. Her head was so big compared to the rest of her body. Eventually 3 or 4 steps morphed to 6 or 7 steps and soon she was going longer distances before she face planted. Sili and i watched Cashew learn how to walk. She would always be a bull in a china shop; not gingerly stepping around the furniture like Sili, but bulldozing through it. However, she did learn to walk without faceplanting on her huge head. She was a good eater! Boy was she a good eater. She loved food. She would eat her wet food. She would try to eat Sili’s dry food even though the kernels were bigger than her little mouth. She would eat the cat’s food. She would eat anything that fell from the counter. She would eat bugs, any kind of animal poop (including her own), sticks, rocks, grass, and leaves. My mother asked me if the dog had a mineral deficiency. I asked the vet if i was feeding her enough. They said she was a healthy weight for her age. Cashew was different from Sili in this area. Sili could leave a quarter of her food in the bowl and not touch it all day. However, if you rubbed her ears she would love you forever. Cashew could care less if you were petting her, but if you had a peanut butter chicken treat in your hand she thought you were the best thing to ever walk the earth! They were opposites in so many ways.

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