Our Christmas Bell

Note the expression on her face. Both dogs were very tired of posing for my holiday pictures. I had some rules when it came to holiday decorations, since my children were four-legged and the only one who would be taking note of said decorations was probably me. The budget was one dollar per holiday. The […]

Lord Help Me with this Dog

Keeping Cashew alive had been a full time job since day 1. As i have alluded to in the past, the dog had absolutely zero survival instinct. She had been very near death multiple times, to the point where the emergency vet in the nearest city to us said i had to stop calling because […]

Laundry in the Hill Country

Even if i ever got my dryer stacked and hooked up to a power source in the tiny house, i would still only use it on rainy or icy days. There was just nothing like the laundry dried in the yard. Yes, it faded the clothing and if the neighboring properties were burning brush the […]

Dish Washing Day

​Occasionally i would get busy and the dishes would pile up on the counter.  I only had about a foot of available counter space and the dogs would lick anything below that height.  I didn’t have enough room to separate the dirty dishes from ones that were going to be clean in the house and […]

The Menacing Windshield Wiper

Every once in a while i would load the dogs in the car and take them to the vet to get their nails clipped. They both had very dark nails so it was impossible to see where the blood supply to the nail ended. I preferred to let the vet have a go at it. […]

The Letter

One day i opened my p.o. box and in amongst the bills was a letter addressed to me from a real estate company in Dallas. i couldn’t imagine what they wanted. Neither the real estate agent i used nor the sellers’ had anything to do with Dallas. They wanted to buy my land. People with […]