The Earth is Finally Watered

It finally rained. We had such a historic drought that many of our trees died and i only had to cut the grass once all year. What is dead doesn’t grow to need mowed. Well once everything was good and dead the heavens opened and dumped an immense amount of precipitation on our crusty parched land. North texas suffered historic flooding and required water rescues. We just had the regular amount, thankfully. The flat land comprised of limestone rock and a thin layer of clay filled up with water until it spilled over the plateau and began running downhill, taking any topsoil with it. It rained for a full week. I had almost forgotten the sound of rain. It had been so long. We all basked in it, soaking the noise and the smell of it in after such a hiatus of precipitation. I could not believe the ground was wet.

The dog run is located too close to the chicken pen for Sili and Cashew to drink standing water after a storm. It has chicken **** in it, i’ll guarantee you. However, i cant be out there guarding all the holes they dig after every rain storm to make sure they don’t succumb to the torment of e-coli. So, i improvised. I used chicken panels and glass dishes to cover the holes full of standing water and placed the appropriate alternative on top of the biggest hole, prompting them to drink from their designated man-made bowl. Neither of them got sick or moved the bowls/chicken panel so i think it worked.

It was pretty muddy for 7 days and then we returned to our former state of drought.

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