After the Storm

The morning after the storm we emerged from the house to see ice everywhere. I was glad it was my day off. I did not want to have to drive anywhere that day.

As i walked around the property i realized that it wasn’t only the man-made structures that had accumulated ice. The rocks, the tree boxes, tree bark, acorns, and even algae in the grass had formed a layer of ice on the outside of it. If you zoom in on the acorn photo you should be able to see all the spider threads that escaped the accumulating ice.

As the sun rose the ice began to melt. With all the icicles hanging from the roof it almost sounded like rain.

I couldn’t believe how covered the car was with ice. As i walked around the car peeling the ice off in little plates i heard a crunching noise. I looked down to see that Cashew was eating the ice as i was peeling it. She was the most peculiar dog. It was 30 degrees outside and she was munching on ice. Sili was off looking for sun to bake in; searching for ways to warm up.

To my surprise, though the tops of the boxes were covered in ice, the interior of each box was toasty and warm. Even after the sun rose it was still below freezing so i left the heat lamps on throughout the first half of the day.

I hadn’t done the laundry for the coming week and it was my last day off. It had to be done that day. I had a short window of time where the temperature would rise into the high thirties and at one point even 42 degrees. By nightfall it would be freezing again. I waited until the temperature on the outdoor thermometer read 33 degrees and then i trucked the laundry out there amongst the ice in the wheelbarrow and hung it on the line at 33 degrees. The sun and the wind worked in my favor. By 4 pm it was pretty near dry and i took it down and hung it in the house. Even in the thirties the laundry line still worked.

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