The Christmas Tree

Before i had left on my road trip i had dug out the little plastic christmas tree from the shed and placed it in the corner of the tiny house next to the outlet. There was a hallmark store in the city and i knew what i was going to do if i had any extra time before meeting my family.

The girls came over to see what i was doing and got conned into participating in a Christmas photo.

Every year i added another ornament to my tree. When i was 60 i would have enough ornaments for a big tree but at the moment i just had enough to cover my mini tree in the corner. It was a tradition i had borrowed from my parents. Each year was commemorated by an ornament. Most years i tried to find an ornament that was meaningful but on the years when i didn’t find anything of the sort, i was happy to add one of the wistfully childlike fairies to the tree. The picture above is what one does when they live in the country and forget to pick up ornament hooks.

The dog was an ornament almost identical to a childhood dog my sister and i had called Peaches. She was a good dog. The bunnies tucked in a hollow log were from my childhood. I had picked them out in the hallmark store as a kid. Even then i was in love with nature. The lamp was from one of my favorite christmas movies. The book “goodnight moon” had been my favorite book as a young child. I was obsessed with it. The little heart locket was also a childhood pick. I had been so fond of it because the family members were all getting along and enjoying each other’s company safely inside a cozy warm house. There was a fairie from a previous year in the series. Then a bluebird and a red bird. 

The last addition to the tree was a sea shell angel my sister made me. It needed doctored with a little bit of super glue but once repaired it took its place amongst the others.

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