Trimming the Trees

Cedars were known for their rapid growth. Their branches were reaching out at me when i walked along the paths myself and the dogs had worn in the dirt. It was time to just trim things up so that no branches were hanging down over the laundry line, snagging clothing when i walked along the trails, or blocking sunlight to other nearby younger trees. I went to the tool shed and grabbed my bypass lopper and the wheelbarrow. As i went along snipping the branches of the cedars i noticed that cashew would come along and grab the branches in her mouth, dragging them off. I wondered if i could use this to my advantage. She did always seem to want to help. So i called her to me. When she arrived i took the branch from her mouth, threw it in the wheelbarrow, and praised her immensely. Then i pointed to another cedar branch on the ground. She picked it up. I took it from her and threw it in the wheelbarrow. She wagged her little stumpy tail. I said “go get it” and pointed. She ran and fetched a cedar tree branch. I took it from her, threw it in the wheelbarrow, and praised her immensely. This continued. I couldn’t believe it. The dog was a gem; i mean true gold. She fetched bits of trees. All you had to do was point. I’d say she brought me 80 % of the branches we cut. I piled all of them in the wheelbarrow. Then i picked out a nice big one and gave it to Cashew to chew on. She earned it.

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