Finding Ruby

It was Cashew who found her. She had wandered into the web stretched between the side of the shed and a tree branch. As she was making a mess of things, something was frantically running about trying to salvage what she hadn’t already trampled or eaten. At first i thought it was Charlotte. As i turned the corner to the house i looked and there was Charlotte in her web. So, if Charlotte was in her web on the house…who was on the shed? Then it hit me; two! 2 golden orb weavers! They were both females. The newcomer was slightly smaller than Charlotte but that was to be expected as Charlotte had really ballooned in size since she discovered the all-night porch-light buffet thing she had going. In all probability, these two orb weavers shared a mom. Charlotte had a sister. I agonized over what to call her. She was much more timid than Charlotte and would scurry away if i or the dogs got near her web. I couldn’t think of a proper name for her so i gave up. Then for some reason i began thinking of my Uncle’s dog of years ago. Her name was Ruby. I was not sure if Ruby would approve of my naming a spider after her but, we needed a good name and Ruby had been a good and well-loved dog. So i named Charlotte’s sister after Ruby, my Uncle’s dog of years ago.

Eventually Ruby would move her web to the front of the shed next to the door so she could catch the flies as they tried to sneak in when i opened the door. Ruby had a more timid personality than Charlotte. I said good morning to them both every day. Charlotte didn’t seem bothered one way or another. As soon as i opened my mouth and spoke Ruby scurried up her web and out of sight.

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