Cashew was good at a great many things. None of them had anything to do with living indoors. She was good at all things ranching; domestication, not so much. One of the things she would do that disqualified her from ever being left with a pet sitter in my absence was something i dubbed poopapalooza. We held poopapalooza in the living room every day.

To achieve poopapalooza one only need complete the following steps. First, shred the pee pad into tiny little pieces. Then, pee on them. Next, poop on all of that. Once this is done, put poop in mouth and chew it until it is shredded into tiny flingable pieces. Then spit it out all over the concoction you have just made. After all this is done bark to let everyone know it is finished. If nothing happens or nobody comes to see your creation, spin in a circle really fast until you have feces and urine all over your feet, the floor, and the walls. Then, sit in it. This will ensure that you will be nice and filthy by the time your mother comes home and she will have to pay attention to you because you obviously are in great need of a bath.

On this particular night Cashew got 3 baths in a row. It was a warm day so i put the tub in the yard and filled it with water from the well-house spigot. As soon as i lifted Cashew out of the bath she rolled, as she did the second time while i reached for the towel. The third time i lifted her out of the bath with no towel, let my clothing soak up her dripping wet fur, carried her into the house and set her on the floor before she could have any contact with the ground. Then i dumped the water in the yard and gathered the supplies to clean the mess that she was undoubtedly making in the house.

Sili was there for her sister throughout the entire ordeal, standing near the tub in the yard, offering nuzzles and nose touches for moral support as cashew endured the horrible terrible treacherous concept of being covered in soap. Sili was very loving and considerate. Through all 3 baths she did not leave her sister’s side. Even though she knew she was in trouble and she might get wet if she stood too close, Sili felt it important to see her sister through whatever it was she was doing. She even stayed with her in the house while she dried. Sili would not go out to play without her sister by her side.

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