A Touch of Character

I had been living with the plywood in the windows for so long i had just gotten used to my little house looking like a boarded up abandoned strip mall. When i stood on a chair and slid my sister’s curtains onto each rod the house began to look like a space i would associate […]

A Box from my Sister

I knew my sister was making curtains for the tiny house but she was also planning a pretty monumental life event so i didn’t have any sort of timeline or expectation as to when they would be finished. Truthfully, after the plywood went in the windows i kind of forgot about it. I had always […]

My First Curtain

One day my supervisor approached me at work. She had something in her hand; a folded piece of cloth. She said, “i’m making a housewarming present for you and i just wanted to get your opinion on whether you think this is something you would use before i continue.” When she unfolded it i saw […]