A Touch of Character

I had been living with the plywood in the windows for so long i had just gotten used to my little house looking like a boarded up abandoned strip mall. When i stood on a chair and slid my sister’s curtains onto each rod the house began to look like a space i would associate with myself. It was very much my style. My sister knew me incredibly well and the curtains were better than i could have ever imagined. They made the tiny house look lived in. It wasn’t an abandoned building anymore. It looked like a little house. I started to realize that this was happening. Piece by piece the place would come together and one day it would be all straightened out, but right at that moment i had curtains and that was an amazing feeling considering it had been a life long dream to own some. I tried to be as productive as an aussie on the weekends because it was my only real time to spend on projects for the homestead. However, there would definitely be a few days when i would keep all the curtains drawn and hide from the world in my bed with a dog face pressed against mine.

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