An Afternoon Shower

After the tropical storm in the gulf dissipated we had about a week of humid air and every day held a small forecasted chance of pop up storms. Most days held a 10 percent chance of rain. On the last day of the week, a sunday, the best chance of rain was forecasted: a 40 percent chance between 4 and 5 pm. Everyone told me not to get my hopes up. At 4 pm i was looking at nothing but open blue sky. I figured they were right. Then, at 6:30 pm clouds began to wad up in the direction of north east and i realized we might get rain after all.

The clouds did not get very dark but it did rain for about forty minutes. My coworkers in fredericksburg didnt get any. It skirted around them. I felt lucky to be blessed with a 40 minute rain shower. Of course i went outside and stood in it but this time i did get pretty wet. I had mud all over my legs where the water droplets had hit the dirt and sent it in every direction.

The toads in the pots of mud on the porch started making all sorts of excited chirping noises.

The dirt finally became wet enough to call mud.

Right in front of the dog run a puddle formed.

It rained for about forty minutes and then just like that the clouds broke up and blue sky peeked through once more.

It was a welcome and appreciated forty minutes of weather.

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