Summer Chores become Nocturnal

The car read 108 degrees today and the porch thermometer at the house said 112. The tv at work said we tied the previous record in 2011 today for highest number of consecutive triple digit temperature days recorded at 27 consecutive days. They are forecasting 40 days. They say tomorrow will make 2023 the new record holding year for the largest amount of consecutive days recorded…. All i know is that all the vegetation is dead, the gardens are dead, the chickens are struggling, peoples wells are going dry, and it is hot. HOT, hot. I mean it is a smothering heat that hits you like a ton of bricks and makes you feel like you cant breathe. If you stand in the shade you can feel your skin cooking. The air conditioner in the car was struggling to counteract the heat coming in the windshield and bouncing off of everything metal or black. I had the a/c on full blast but could still feel my hands and arms cooking in the sun coming through the window. When i finally got the car unloaded, gave the chickens all their ice cubes and put ice in their water dispenser, i herded the dogs back into the house and never ever left until the sun went down. Im now watering the plants by moonlight strategically because at dusk it may be 100 instead of 112. I want to water when its 88 or 90 degrees. So for now i have to do that after dark. Its going to be a pain as the moon gets closer and closer to a thumbnail but for now there’s plenty of light to see by. I have noticed that the moon rises at a slightly different time and in a slightly different place each night as we are rotating. Some mornings it is high in the sky on my commute to work and some days it just barely clears the hills as i make the drive.

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