I did not finish with the chores tonight until 9:30 pm. As soon as the moon rose i didnt care. Everything melted away and i was filled with a sense of contentment and perhaps joy. Walking around in the middle of the wilderness under a nearly full moon gives me a sense of well being that i cant do justice to describe. Once i was finished with the chores i went back outside and just stood under it, basking in its light. Everything was illuminated, right down to the pebbles in the dirt. Everything was displayed in shades of black or gray but you could see every little detail in the overgrown dry grass and the leaves of the cedars. I dont know how to explain it. I dont seek the moon purposely. Im just always doing chores at night, so i catch them when the large moons come around. Standing under a bright moon in the hill country is like recharging your batteries after a wild day. I talked to my neighbor who was soaking up the same moon. She used the same word i had. She said she always derived a certain feeling of contentment from standing under the moon.

The same moon was still awake, sitting on the other side of the night sky when i made my pre-dawn drive to work. It was beautiful and bright against the black heavily wooded hills. I soaked in every last bit of it until the sun rose and the stars vanished.

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