Front Porch Haircut

My sister came to town to visit me and she brought her scissors so she could cut my hair. I wanted layers like i used to get when i got my hair cut in the city and she was pretty sure she could give me a layered look. She had started cutting her own and a few other peoples’ hair during the pandemic.

It was a very professional ordeal. I got the full treatment. She shampooed and conditioned my hair while i sat on a stool with my head leaned back into the kitchen sink. She had little travel sized tubes of the shampoo and conditioner with her.

She filled a spray bottle with water and clipped a hand towel around my neck.We dragged a stool outside. We settled on the porch for the new shed as a location for the haircut because it was in more shade than the front porch and had less clutter on it, i.e. more space to walk around. It was pretty breezy when we started but the temperature rose quickly as time went on. my sister stood behind me and to the side of me while i tried to sit still on my stool. She said cutting hair outside came with its challenges. The sprayed hair dried quickly in the heat and the breeze blew hair she had already sectioned so she began using clips to hold it in place. She gave me an awesome layered hair cut, didnt charge me a dime, and came from the city with some of our favorite take out. I got to show her around the hill country and the dogs got a rare opportunity to see their aunt.

When it was time to drive to town i wanted to get my hair off of my neck because i knew it would be hot while we were walking around. I asked her if she would braid my hair. It was just like being teenagers again where i could dry my hair and then go knock on her bedroom door and she’d put my hair in a french braid. It was a day that ended too soon. Definitely worth coming in to work on a Saturday to make up for the time off.

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