The Creeks went Dry

I was headed to the dollar general down the road today when i noticed this zigzag line that curved around…it was a patch of tree tops that had turned brown surrounded by all the other green ones. It wasnt autumn yet. No cold weather had made these leaves turn. This meant the trees must have died. The brown leaves signified the status of dead. But why? Did the trees not have roots that stretched downwards towards the aquifer to get their water? Suddenly i realized what happened. Those trees were right where i knew a creek to be. As i drove up over another hill i checked and sure enough, there were brown lines of trees in the areas where i knew two additional creeks in the area to be. I was going to drive past the biggest one so i slowed down and rolled down the window to assess the situation. The creek bed was bone dry. Nothing but dusty white rocks. There hadnt been a drop of water there in a while. The trees, not natives to the area, were tall, thirsty trees with their roots in the creek instead of stretching towards the aquifer. their water source had dried up and with it went their luck. These giant towering trees had died, thoroughly. I didnt envy the home owners with the creek on their property. The trees would have to come down. Dead, they would be a hazard during furious summer storms. This would change the landscape of this town permanently. All the shade around the creeks would be gone. I had been weeks earlier to look at the guadalupe river right at the dam in center point. On one side was lily pad choked stagnant bath water. On the other; dry white rocks. I knew it was bad but i dont know that we’ve ever gone this long with the combination of extremely hot dry temperatures and the complete lack of substantial rainfall. The last time we had a wet year was 4 years ago. Something’s gotta give. God’s got to send us some rain or more things are going to start dying. This whole state might turn into a desert. Its got enough cactus and scorpions for it.

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