Ren’s Banana Bread and 3 Bean Salad

My neighbor and friend Ren made me the most beautiful banana bread void of dairy, gluten, and eggs so that i could eat it. It was such a surprise and a treat i hadn’t enjoyed in over a decade. It was so wonderful i was in heaven. She also split her 3 bean salad with me. It was super tasty and held herbs from her garden. I ate it cold and it was just the thing to have for supper on a scorching summer night. Ren is probably my best friend. Her cooking is often overlooked because she is married to a man who can whip up authentic italian meals from scratch. however, if you tasted what she was eating for supper you’d realize her talent immediately. She has a way of making simple food amazing. I can’t remember what it was that she made one day but she broke up rye crackers into little pieces and sprinkled in spices and used that as a coating for the veggies and it made this amazing salty, savory, crunchy topping for each forkful. She is amazing and i am lucky to have her for a neighbor.

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