Broody at the Worst Time

One of my hens has gone broody at the worst time. It is literally 107 degrees right now. Every day i have to go out there and take her off the eggs, collect them, and force her out if the coop to get a drink. As soon as she has done so she goes right back in. I dont have another pen so im considering putting her in a dog crate in the house for 3 days because if she doesnt cut this out she’s going to die. She’s already laying these tiny mini eggs compared to the others. They’re so little. That cant be a sign of great health. She needs to cut it out, go in the shade with the others, drink the ice water and eat the melon popsicles and quit trying to hatch eggs. 1. None of them are fertilized. You can sit on them until you are blue in the face, nothing is going to come of that. 2. Did we learn nothing from Ellis and Oakley? You just think you’re broody. The moment something hatches out of that egg you’re going to lift your bum and try to peck it to death.

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