Driving through Sisterdale

They were paving i-10 in Boerne. All the exits were blocked. Traffic was backed up throughout the whole city. There was a line of 40 tar trucks all just sitting on the highway waiting and there was this bull dozer thing going around and oscillating the tar a bit in each truck trying to keep it from solidifying. I called my boss and asked if there was a way to get back to fredericksburg without using i-10. I could hear my coworker say in the background, “tell her to go through Sisterdale. She can make it that way.” So i did. And boy was that the way to go. Long winding one lane roads but way way better than being stuck in a steaming cloud of tar smoke waiting with everyone else like sitting ducks watching the bull dozer oscillate one truck’s contents and then the other’s. On the way back i got stuck behind a pickup driving 45 mph. I soon understood why. In the open bed of this truck was some kind of loosely bungeed appliance and a very excited border collie. The border collie would stand up on the side of the truck bed and hang over it every time a car was passing in the opposite direction. It kept getting up on two feet to look around and running from side to side of the bed of the truck. At once point it sat down facing me on the very edge of the open bed of the truck. It bounced as the truck went over a bump. It was a wonder the dog was still in the truck. I guessed that was why the man was driving 45 mph on a 75 mph road.

When he came to the turn for his ranch the man made eye contact stuck his arm out the window and smiling gave me a thank you wave. I think he was thanking me for not minding driving 45 mph or maybe he was just being friendly. Either way i both got a kick out of the hyper excitable dog and cemented reasons cashew will never be allowed to ride in any compartment outside a secured inner part of my vehicle.

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